Berkemer Law - New Website

23 March 2020

Task : Rebuild a client's website with slightly more extensive updates. 

The previous site had many of the elements of the new site, but with some color and font inconsistencies. The client requested new specific buttons and navigation controls, and minor visual improvements.

Now the color scheme is consistent throughout the site, the buttons that were requested direct viewers to the pages they are seeking, and a new page was created to highlight a new service being offered on this site as well.  

Your New Concepts- New Website

23 March 2020

Rebuilding a live site on a new platform. 

Task: Rebuild a client's current website with minor updates on a different content management system.

This was a rebuild with slight improvements, the old site had been builtyears ago, but still looked alright, there were some glitches that needed worked out, but the overall look was maintained.

The color scheme on individual pages was kept generally the same, some of the black was replaced to brighten things just a little. In the photo below, a dark grey replaced what had previously been black, and a new page was created to highlight the company's services. 

The Landlord Watchdog

A new site and application.
Specifically designed for landlords and property managers the Landlord Watchdog is a searchable database of tenant reviews by previous landlords.
Subscribers to the service have unlimited use to both add new reviews of previous & current tenants and database searches.
More information can be found at 

Christ's Cocoons New Website

23 March 2020

A new website for a local non-profit organization. 

1. Create a clean, bright website for a local non profit organization. 
2. Rebuild a client's current website with minor updates on a different content management system.
3. Rebuild a client's website with slightly more extensive updates. 

For the local non profit, the charity was looking for a better organized site, brighter and cleaner, that would be easy for donors to visit and support. It was necessary to use current photos and content, and the logo needed a revamp. 

The old website was made up of at least six different shades of blue, none of them worked together cohesively, and text was over layed on top of photos in a way that made the site difficult to read, navigate, and patronize.
The logo was simply a golden yellow rectangular cross, and did not state the organization's name.  

Now, images are clearly displayed on the site, better depicting the mission and goals or the organization, the color scheme is consistent throughout the entire site, the new logo depicts what they do and their name, and the overall look is bright and clean. 

Our Newest Website

LoadPower is a truck broker based here in Columbus. We recently re-built their website and they love it!
Check it out when you have the chance.

Recent Project: A client’s new website

22 Nov 2019

The task: Build an all-new website for Vital Signs Financial Services
Requirements: No green on the new site, content specifications, include requested pages. 

This project started off with an inspired retro image that related to the content of the website: financial services, and taxes.
Here’s the inspiration image:

I loved the image, but it wasn’t wide enough to serve as the cover image of the new site, so some photo editing was needed.

The idea of a vintage store front really piqued my interest, and when I found the next photo an idea was born:

From here, I merged the two photos:

Happy with that, I moved on to creating a color scheme for the new site, I color keyed each tone from the original vintage window photo:

I created this graphic, it shows each tone of grey I selected. 

From this stage, building the website was straightforward, creating the pages, adding the content, creating graphics here and there. 
It then came time for the client to review the site, and the grey did not go over well, and the client surprised me with a change of plan: green is good, and maybe some blue too… and lose the message about taxes, use other specific sentences (provided by client) instead.
Deep breath… new custom graphics… re-do all colors throughout the entire site… round two:
I really loved the vintage inspired look of the first version, and wanted to maintain that esthetic while honoring the new color scheme.

Inspiration image round two:

How I edited it using the text provided by the client:

Now we have color, and all of the text the client wanted, and it still looks like it *could* be a real photo. Definitely not my area of expertise, but not bad!

Then to overhaul all of the graphics, I’ll show you the one I shared earlier, revamped:

Green now, so there’s that squared away...

Finally, I needed to change the colors throughout the site, too bad I didn’t think to screenshot the grey version, but here is the final version:

So there you have it… for being just the second website I’ve ever made, I’m pleased with my work.
See it for yourself:

New website for HDC Automation

HDC automation is based in Akron and handles building control systems, among other things. We recently redesigned their website.

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