Recent Project: A client’s new website

22 Nov 2019

The task: Build an all-new website for Vital Signs Financial Services
Requirements: No green on the new site, content specifications, include requested pages. 

This project started off with an inspired retro image that related to the content of the website: financial services, and taxes.
Here’s the inspiration image:

I loved the image, but it wasn’t wide enough to serve as the cover image of the new site, so some photo editing was needed.

The idea of a vintage store front really piqued my interest, and when I found the next photo an idea was born:

From here, I merged the two photos:

Happy with that, I moved on to creating a color scheme for the new site, I color keyed each tone from the original vintage window photo:

I created this graphic, it shows each tone of grey I selected. 

From this stage, building the website was straightforward, creating the pages, adding the content, creating graphics here and there. 
It then came time for the client to review the site, and the grey did not go over well, and the client surprised me with a change of plan: green is good, and maybe some blue too… and lose the message about taxes, use other specific sentences (provided by client) instead.
Deep breath… new custom graphics… re-do all colors throughout the entire site… round two:
I really loved the vintage inspired look of the first version, and wanted to maintain that esthetic while honoring the new color scheme.

Inspiration image round two:

How I edited it using the text provided by the client:

Now we have color, and all of the text the client wanted, and it still looks like it *could* be a real photo. Definitely not my area of expertise, but not bad!

Then to overhaul all of the graphics, I’ll show you the one I shared earlier, revamped:

Green now, so there’s that squared away...

Finally, I needed to change the colors throughout the site, too bad I didn’t think to screenshot the grey version, but here is the final version:

So there you have it… for being just the second website I’ve ever made, I’m pleased with my work.
See it for yourself: