Christ's Cocoons New Website

23 March 2020

A new website for a local non-profit organization. 

1. Create a clean, bright website for a local non profit organization. 
2. Rebuild a client's current website with minor updates on a different content management system.
3. Rebuild a client's website with slightly more extensive updates. 

For the local non profit, the charity was looking for a better organized site, brighter and cleaner, that would be easy for donors to visit and support. It was necessary to use current photos and content, and the logo needed a revamp. 

The old website was made up of at least six different shades of blue, none of them worked together cohesively, and text was over layed on top of photos in a way that made the site difficult to read, navigate, and patronize.
The logo was simply a golden yellow rectangular cross, and did not state the organization's name.  

Now, images are clearly displayed on the site, better depicting the mission and goals or the organization, the color scheme is consistent throughout the entire site, the new logo depicts what they do and their name, and the overall look is bright and clean.