New Website for Lilly's Kitchen Table

The main target of this website was to encourage people to eat up the amiable atmosphere and scrumptious hometown food of Lilly’s Kitchen Table, a restaurant proud to be part of the Grove City urban area.
The beginnings of this website starting on WordPress with a more dated and simple design choice. There is a beauty in simplicity, not everything needs to be complicated and dynamic in order to achieve success. The soft and homely vibes of this website prove that by using a modern retro design with countryside undertones. The slogan needed to be changed in order to fit this aesthetic.
The inventive design was based on the vintage glass that covers gingham tablecloths. A vibrant red of the gingham is accompanied by plaid in the shade of a calming shade of green. These two colors go together marvelously, it gives me the vibe of a picnic! Enjoying delicious homemade food while being surrounded by your family and friends, two attributes that Lilly’s Kitchen Table achieves in spades.

The menu to begin with had unique icons for particular parts of the menu, however, they ended up taking too much space and were changed to images. Pictures were also put throughout the site to add an extra accent of color.

Both companies put a lot of effort into their work. The web design was very well done and makes Lilly’s Kitchen Table look sociable with appetizing food!
Check out the new site here