New Website for Touch of Life Chiropractic

In designing the website for Touch of Life Chiropractic, we wanted to give it a sense of originality, and we wanted to make it fun. With the provided information from the client regarding their services and mission, we were granted the responsibility of injecting character into it—a task we took to heart!

You might notice its color scheme is quite striking, and really pops—maybe even more so than you'd expect for the website of a chiropractic office. This was pulled from the business' logo and built on from there. The softer purple was added in to give the site a more soothing atmosphere (in line with that soothing feeling of having just gotten an adjustment), and the fresh white to keep things modern (and add to the "pop").

The pebble-like shapes you'll see throughout the homepage were inspired by the idea of hot stone therapy. Yes, we know: Touch of Life Chiropractic is no massage business! Regardless, they were fitting, and provided the website with that originality we were shooting for (because, where else have you seen 'em?). On top of all that, they're just downright appealing to the eye.

We thought it smart to design the entirety of the homepage first. In doing so, the rest just sort of followed, and the cohesion came naturally. Feel free to save that tip for later!
All together, the combination of these things makes for an inviting, outside-of-the-box site that's easily navigated, for a local business that works hard at improving the health of its clients.