Re-design for Farris Frame

The work that went into designing Farris Frame's website was, like always, highly personalized.
Beginning with the color scheme, we had their bright logo to work from. We were aiming to mellow the yellow (ha!) with a shade that didn't contrast too heavily. The right one all but fell into our lap when we realized that the beautiful gray-blue hue of their building and the yellow parking poles that sit in front of it blended quite perfectly. And so we had our color scheme!
We continued to build off of their logo with the customized "Contact Us" button—designing it to be the same undercarriage shape. It was a fitting personalization for a business that provides such a specialized service. Furthermore, they're quite fond of their logo, and we wanted to honor that.
We incorporated some other creative things into their homepage, like the Better Business Bureau logo (which we colored that same gray-blue), and an image which captures a sign that hangs inside of their shop (dug up from one of Farris Frame's old Facebook posts—that's right: we do our research).
The remainder of the website was designed to match, culminating in a refreshing, new look for this local business that's been servicing our community since '81.