New Website for Dan's Hauling Service

The web design for Dan's Hauling Service was pretty straightforward, but with no new content provided by the business, it required us to get pretty crafty!

So we began with some images. Wanting to "glamorize" the bright red dumpster you'll spot on the homepage, we found an image of another one and swapped it out for Dan's. We took care to edit the background and reflections accordingly so that the swap would go unnoticed—unless, of course, we were to outright tell on ourselves!

It was from this dumpster that we pulled the shades of red that color the site.

Because of the fact that we were only instructed on what not to do, the logo took many a try to perfectly meet what the business wanted: that diamond-patterned metal alongside the wording. (You should see all of the logos that got scrapped!) But this was, of course, effort we were more than willing to invest for our customer.

The website for Dan's Hauling Service required quite some skill, plenty of bright ideas, and a lot of trial and error. In the end, everyone was satisfied.