Transportation Resources - A New Site for A Unique Client

In designing a new website for Transportation Resources, we were tasked with injecting modernity into it, and making it user-friendly. These were two areas in which the previous site had lacked. This proved to be no small task: How do we organize its content?
Which audience are we addressing?
Which service is being described?
We had to do our research—i.e. study competitors' sites—to get a grasp on how we should put this one together in a fluid and logical way. In the end, it was a success!
As for its appearance, we used the business' logo to create a refreshed color scheme, and made some custom-backgrounds that incorporated said logo to use throughout the site. This was fairly simple. What really gave us a run for our money was finding all of the right truck images that both satisfied our client's needs, and were royalty-free. But this was likewise an ultimate success! In browsing the site, you will find that these exact-right truck images were secured and serve the purpose of injecting modernity throughout its various pages.
The final bump in the road (pun intended) was the video you will find at the top of the homepage. When we found it, it had quite the windshield glare and was very sped-up. So we slowed it down and edited it nicely to be what is now over-layed with that semi-transparent graphic.
In working tightly with Transportation Resources, we brought to life a fresh, easily-navigated website that is exactly what they wanted. And for you, we'll do the same!

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