Leber Design & Print

We were incredibly excited to be designing a website for Leber Design & Print; a company with a strong sense of aesthetic style and visual appeal. We were determined to capture this quality in their site.

They posed us the challenge of making it entirely grey, black, and white. But we took that in stride—and happily! As you browse, you’ll find that we fulfilled their request, and fashionably so.

Absolutely loving their logo, we used its font to make custom graphics for the site that would correspond stylistically.

We delved deep into their social media in search of interesting content for their new site that would showcase their extensive product history.

Having been inspired by some of the example sites that the client had provided, we really wanted a video for the top of the home page. Here, there was a slight bump in the road; being that Leber Design & Print is such in-demand business, the client did not have time to devote to hunting down video files and images straight away, so it took a bit of time. But all’s well that ends well; they delivered just what we needed!

Our final task was integrating the business’ Instagram feed on the site, which turned out to be a challenge. But this likewise turned out perfectly in the end.

We came through with a well-designed website for a local client who takes the same pride in their work that we do.

Check them out at leberdesign.com