Air 4 U AC

Designing the site for Air4UAC was a breeze! (Pun intended.) From start to finish, the process of putting together the site's various components could be likened to a mild day with no dramatic variations in the weather. How symbolic!

At the beginning, we hadn't a logo to work with, so the creativity of design was entirely up to us. We went ahead with the "hot and cold" theme that is often associated with HVAC services, and brought to life the orange-and-blue color scheme. That nifty graphic of an air-condition unit (which you'll spot in a couple of locations throughout the site) was adjusted in color to match this. We added various warm-glow and cool-glow effects by making hazy shadows around various objects on the site, which served as a perfect touch.

We even went ahead and created a mock-up logo, in the spirit of playing with color temperatures, which was ultimately switched out for the one that the owner ended up sending us. Fortunately, theirs did not at all clash with the theme we'd created! A few adjustments to the blue shades we'd used throughout the site, and everything was in harmony.

We did our research and read about other heating and cooling businesses based in Florida—to get a feel for how that type of service is marketed in the area (knowing it might be different from here, with such glaring contrasts in the weather).

In the end, everything came together fluidly!

Check out Air4UAC’s site at to see what they’re all about, and to get an idea of what it is we can do for you.