Five Proven Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Visibility

Justine Bales here, Marketing Director for Out There Web Designs. Give me a few minutes of your time and I will share some effective marketing tips that will:

• Increase brand visibility
• Drive relevant traffic to your website
• Create more leads and higher conversions

Let's get right to it.

#1 Crafting Your Content - A vital piece needed for effective marketing

Statistics have proven that Testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rate and are the most effective type of marketing content. (Business2Community) When publishing a Testimonial, here are some key elements that must be considered for them to be successful. Testimonials should include:

• Client’s Full Name, Business Name and headshot (or business logo)
• Break up larger paragraphs for easier reading
• Bold words/phrases as needed for emphasis and add quotes around the testimonial

Why are Testimonials the most effective type of content? They show credibility and trustworthiness. A prospect wants to know if you are reputable and what work you have done in the past. The best way to do that is hearing from past Client’s and what they have said about your business. Testimonials can be added throughout your website and included on your promotional ads to draw in relevant traffic.

In addition to having Testimonials, your content should clearly articulate your services or products and that you are helping solve a problem they have. What does your business do that is better than others? Tell me why I should buy your product rather than order from another retailer.
If you need some help with writing content for your website, budget friendly writing tools are available online to get you started. If you are pressed for time or content creation isn’t your forte, there are businesses that will collaborate with you to write content for your website and create advertisements.

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#2 The Importance Of Having An Active Blog

Did you know that businesses with an active blog have 55% more visitors than businesses who don’t? And blogs produce 67% more leads in a given month. (Oberlo)
Who would have thought 20 years ago that blogs today would be so popular (and effective for that matter). Let’s talk about how blogs can help grow your business. Blogs can:

• Easily explain your business’ services and products
• Engage and entertain your current client base
• Increase your on-site traffic
• Convert prospects into leads

Posting content consistently that will add value for the reader will increase traffic on your website. It’s finding out what content is best suited for your audience. That’s where surveys come in handy as you are addressing what problems you have helped them solve and what their pain points were. Based on this data, use it to create blog topics that will attract and pull in your ideal prospect.

Within your blog and throughout your website, be certain to include CTAs (Call to Action) to entice the reader to stay on your site. CTAs such as “Request a Free Website Audit Today”, “Request a Quote” or something relevant to your business will bring the visitor to your Contact Us page to get in touch with you.

It’s one thing to increase on-site engagement but the ultimate goal here is to have greater leads and conversions. Strategically placed CTAs are a must.

Keep your blog consistent with regular posts and include content that’s benefiting your ideal Client. Be certain you are promoting regularly on applicable social media platforms and this is a good strategy to keep client’s engaged.

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#3 Analyzing Customer Experience Data Through Surveying

An effective business strategy, and sometimes underutilized, is collecting customer experience data through surveying. Gartner, Inc. found that roughly 80% of businesses growing in size are using customer surveys to gather customer experience data. (Gartner, Inc.) This data helps business owners and executives with a fundamental understanding of how the company is performing and what to improve on for the future. Here are some general survey questions to get you started:

“How was your business doing before our service or product?”
“Why did you choose to go with our company over other competitors?”
“What did we do that was above your expectations?”
“What is the number one reason you’d recommend our service/product?”
“Who do you know that could also benefit from our services/products?”

This last question here is a must. This may sound like a given, but as we know satisfied Clients will refer you to other business owners and word of mouth is always an effective way to gain more sales.

#4 Promoting Your Business with Video Presentations and Graphic Design

Wyzoel Research found that 87% of consumers want more videos from brands. (Wyzoel Research) When consumers were asked how they would like to learn about a new product, 68% said they’d like a short video. Creating a video explaining your services and promoting them on social media is a great way to easily explain what you offer.
There are affordable graphic design tools available online to help with creating and editing video presentations, social media posts, templates that can be modified to suite your business, animated graphics and more.

If you need a professional graphic designer for your business, here at Out There Web Designs we can point you in the right direction.

#5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Ads Management

Last but not least, let’s take a look at SEO and Paid Ads Management Campaigns when it comes to marketing your business.

Did you know that Google receives approximately 5.6 billion searches per day? (Hubspot) Getting your website ranked well in online search results is a necessity in today's digital world. If people can't find you when they need you, it's lost business. Here at Out There Web Designs, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs are aimed to get your business ranked well for your main keywords for your home page in addition to every single page of your website.

As for running a Paid Ads Campaign, this is not for the faint of heart. Ad campaigns can be complex trying to figure out your target audience or what areas you should run a campaign in, not to mention putting together the ads themselves. We can take on that headache for you and run ads on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn to drive relevant traffic to your website and achieve greater conversions.


Now that you have some marketing tips under your belt, give them a try and see how they work for your business. And know that Out There Web Designs is here to help with any questions or services you need!

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