If you don't believe what we tell you, believe what our clients say.

We have worked with Pat and his team at Out There Web Designs building back end systems for our cloud based company. They were super efficient when it came to honing in on the needs and specifics of our platform. His team worked through revision after revision as we figured out exactly what we were looking for. When Pat says he has it covered, you are in good hands. Certainly a hidden gem in the world of what can be chaos finding the right developer.

Out There Web Designs worked on 2 of my websites. Goliathmortgage.com and Goliath1.com. Both of the websites look great. I felt the pricing was fare. The part I liked the best in working with Out There Web Designs, is that they answered all mu questions and provided me with the tools to maintain the little things on the sites. I look forward to working with them again.

Pat helped me start out my real estate brokerage business website and back end software. He made the software user friendly. I can call Pat anytime he is always available to help out.

I've been working with Out There Web Designs and they've been handling my SEO & Paid Ads Campaigns.

I own an auto repair shop here in Columbus, Ohio an we typically see a little bit of a slow down in business around this time of year (December). But this December (2021) with the help of Out There Web Designs my business hit an all-time revenue goal (highest ever) and our average ticket was up as well. In

December alone we serviced & repaired more vehicles than we have in the past three Decembers! When we started the ads on Facebook, folks responded almost immediately and we were seeing our phone ringing & customers making appointments within days.

When you do the research and testing like Out there Web Designs did it pays off and I would highly recommend them for both SEO and Facebook ads.

The Out There Web Designs crew came through for me as I launched my site.

Spearheaded by fearless leader Pat Tuure, the company is staffed by an attentive marketing director whose eye for detail is crucial and recommendations are based on many years of experience. A web designer demonstrates talent and intuits very effectively.

Tuure is patient, accessible, articulate and very willing to be of assistance and helpful when needed. We at times correspond over the weekend even when he’s feeling under the weather, further persuading me this shop’s drive is devoted to customer service and satisfaction.

So Out There Web Designs not only came through for me, but also came through with me. This company knows its stuff!"

I couldn’t have imagined more successful results from our pre-approval leads campaign!

After numerous failed attempts trying to manage this on my own, I knew I needed professional support. Since starting our ad campaign with Out There Web Designs, we’ve now had 30 live leads which led to seven active applications and we have been running the campaign cumulatively for only one month. To put this in perspective, another marketing agency was promising 15-20 leads for $1,000+ a month with the projection of only one actual application.

Pat, Justine and the entire team are dedicated to the success of your Ad campaigns. They have your best interests in mind through the whole process and communication is phenomenal!

Out There Web Designs is the best in the Biz.

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