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In the competitive landscape of online business, standing out is key. A Paid Ad Campaign is a strategic marketing approach that ensures your message reaches the right audience on platforms like Google and Meta (formerly Facebook and Instagram). Out There Web Designs specializes in creating highly personalized campaigns with a solid strategy, aimed at increasing your brand's visibility, driving relevant traffic to your website, and maximizing revenue.

Digital Marketing Statistics

For every $1 a business spends on Google ads, they make an average of $2 in revenue.

64% of consumers click on a Google ad when looking to buy something online.

The two most popular online activities people do are looking through social media and watching video content.

80% of consumers will remember a video advertisement they saw in the past 30 days.


Google & YouTube

Leverage the world's most popular search engine and video-sharing platform to capture the attention of potential customers actively searching for products or services like yours.



(Facebook & Instagram) Tap into the vast user base of Meta platforms to connect with your target audience through engaging and visually appealing ads. From sponsored posts to carousel ads, we have you covered.



For businesses targeting a professional audience, LinkedIn provides a unique space for B2B marketing. Our campaigns on LinkedIn are strategically crafted to resonate with your industry peers.

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